Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Like Something Out Of A Movie

When I got off work tonight I called Matt, like usual. He told me something bad had happened. His Great Uncle Don had passed away. He died in a car wreck, which isn't uncommon here but the details are. Candace, Matt's 14-year-old cousin, usually rides with him. If she had...she would be gone also. Don was T-Boned by a car/truck going about 90MPH that ran a stop sign. Matt's Unlce Rick was ahead of Don in his truck, along with Candace. He was on the phone with him when it happened.

Don was killed on impact, but the car exploded and caught on fire along with three other cars. They had some ammunition in the backseat of Don's truck, so when his truck exploded the ammo started going everywhere. With that being said, the firemen weren't able to get him out of the truck til it was safe.

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