Friday, October 2, 2009

Gone But Never Forgotten

Yesterday mom and I were talking about some of the stuff I'll need for when I move to Blounstville. The bed frame that I've been using for the past couple of years, nanny's old bed frame, is starting to fall apart. I knew that if I had to a had a plain metal frame in the garage that I used to have. I was talking about me wanting to go and look at some furniture stores and mom told me to come out to the garage with her.

After I managed to somehow get to the back she pointed to this white (maybe cream) colored headboard and footboard. It didn't look familiar and it was a full size bed, I've always had a twin, so I thought that it must have been mom's at one point. I was wrong. Nanny bought me a bed and a dresser around the time Jessie was born. She would come and stay with us a good bit and needed somewhere to sleep. I had a twin bed, obviously that was too small for the two of us, so she bought it for me and her. I don't remember well because after we moved my new room was smaller and I didn't have room for it. I have not seen that bed since I was about 8 years old. Sometimes my mom hangs on to most stuff for way too long, but I'm really glad that she kept this...especially since nanny isn't with me anymore.

Well, mom just came in here and said that she's not sure if we still have my dresser. If they gave that away that will make me so mad, unless someone REALLY needed it. Nanny didn't buy that for them, she bought it for me.

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